Field Trip A Class 2019

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The sun shined brightly as the A-Class Students of TKK TIRTAMARTA-BPK PENABUR came to school. On Friday, October 25th, 2019, they were going to Eco-park Learning Farm in Ancol. The students came with their backpack and hat/cap, so ready to explore. Here’s the adventure began!

Welcomed by thick tall trees, animal’s sound, and strange smell; their eyes started to wonder. Before they explored the farm, they put their bags in the pavilion and made animal clay craft, later they could bring it home. With a water bottle hung on their neck, they went to rabbit cage. Some of the students were scared to feed the rabbit with carrots. After that, they saw the energetic Lutung Jawa.

A little walk and they arrived at Turtle Section, they learned about Brazilian and Ambon turtle. Not far from there, they could find Etawa goat and fed them. Next was a flock of geese and ducks. Not forget to drink in hot weather they continued to Chicken and Bee Section. Stopped by Green House, they could see some sprout there. After that, they saw the differences between chicken, duck, turtle, and goose eggs.

Like magic, the students changed into little farmers. With shovel in their hands and ‘caping’ on their heads, they were ready to plant the corn. Under the sun, they dug the soil diligently. Dirty is part of learning also, don’t be worry! They put corn seed in the hole and cover it again with soil.

Tired and hungry, they went back to the pavilion, ate lunch and rest. After they filled their tummy, it’s time to go back. With sad faces, the students left the Eco-park Learning Farm and said good-bye to the animals.

Please check the activity’s photos here