Healthy Food Happy Tummy

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On Saturday, November 2, 2019, KB/TKK TIRTAMARTA-BPK PENABUR TKK held Healthy Food Happy Tummy event. This event aims to introduce the school’s Christian character (Taat, Tanggung Jawab, Peduli). We were inviting children from some churches in Jakarta Selatan.

As the children and their parents came, our students greeted them as an usher. We always start our day with God so we seek God through kids’ service. The song leader and singers are the students of TKK TIRTAMARTA-BPK PENABUR because we always teach the students to serve God from a young age. We praised God happily and listened to the bible story. The bible story was about how God cared for Israelites and gave them food, Manna and Quail.

After the kids’ service, we divided the participant into two groups. There were two corners: cooking and games. For the cooking corner, we were helped by Health Kitchen Ministry from GKI Pondok Indah. In this corner, children and parents learned how to cook and eat healthy food. We cooked fried cauliflower and baked banana. The children were very happy to mix the dough.

The games corner called Fruit Box. The children should take the fruit according to the color. But the children needed to pass some obstacles first. In this corner, we taught the children about “Taat, Tanggung Jawab, Peduli”. For Taat, we learned to say thank you for every food (fruit) that God has made for us. If the student could follow the rules and finish the game that’s Tanggung Jawab. In the end, the children must share the fruit box to others; it could be parents, teachers, or friends. That’s Peduli value.

After they finished all of the activities, all the children came to the stage and sing their favorite song, “Cuit-Cuit”. We closed the event with prayer, asked God to guide everyone home safely. It was a very delightful event.


Writer : Elisabeth Edita

Please check the activity’s photos here

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