Independence Day of Indonesia

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Celebration of Indonesian Independence Day


KB/TKK TIRTAMARTA-BPK PENABUR celebrated the 74th Indonesian Independence Day. The event began with a flag ceremony to respect the services of the heroes who had fought for Indonesian independence. Students attended the flag ceremony well. They were also eager to sing “Indonesia Raya” and “Hari Merdeka”.

After the ceremony, students took part in various competitions,“memasukkan pesil ke dalam botol” for TK B, “makan buah semangka” for TK A and “lari memindahkan bendera” for Playgroup. The competition was super fun and all students did their best.

Lose or win is common, the important thing is to play fairly and do the best. Hopefully, the students of KB/TKK TIRTAMARTA-BPK PENABUR become the future of Indonesia.

Writer : Elisabeth Edita

Please check the activity’s photos here

Penerimaan/Pendaftaran Siswa/Peserta Didik Baru (PSB/PPDB) Sekolah Kristen TIRTAMARTA – BPK PENABUR, Pondok Indah & Cinere, Jakarta Selatan & Depok

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