Scientific Festival I

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Scientific Festival


The Scientific Festival is an event where the students of KB/TKK TIRTAMARTA-BPK PENABUR celebrate the results of their learning in class.

The Scientific Festival was held on 24.25.26 September 2019. The activity was carried out by each level with different themes.

The theme for B Class Scientific Festival is “Kids Cafe”. The students played a role to become a chef, a waiter, a cashier, and a customer.

The theme for A Class Scientific Festival is “Art and Sports Festival”. The students could go to some activities in several booths. There are Art Booth, Sing and Dance Booth, Music Instruments Booth and Basketball Booth.

The theme for PG Class Scientific Festival is “Birthday Party”. The students celebrated the birthday party by blowing the birthday candles, exchanging birthday present and hitting Pinata.

All the students of KB/TKK TIRTAMARTA BPK PENABUR were very enthusiastic about this activity.

Writer : Elisabeth Edita

Please check the activity’s photos here

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